Elevate your system with TAPCO FST aluminium pipes

Experience unrivalled performance and reliability with TAPCO FST compressed air piping solutions. Our state-of-the-art aluminium pipes are engineered for maximum efficiency, delivering seamless airflow, and minimizing pressure drops. With easy installation, durability, and corrosion resistance, FST pipes ensure optimal operation for your compressed air system.

Product Features & Benefits

Product Highlights

 Perfect Compatibility

Universal used in each brand air compressor and post-processing equipment and pneumatic supporting

 Suitable for almost harsh environments

Excellent resistance for the following environment, mechanical vibration, thermal change environment, ultraviolet light, the environment containing compressor oil.


Strong and durable, not easy to burn materials and components have extremely high pressure resistance.

 Energy Saving

No maintenance and reusal for system moving.Smooth inner surface for lower pressure drops and energy saving

Pipe data sheet

Product Number Standard Outer Diameter (mm) Inside Diameter (mm) Pipe Length (m) Product Description
17226000 DN20 20 17.1 6 020X1.45
17336000 DN25 24.8 21.9 6 024.8X1.45
2015336000 DN32 32.2 29 6 032.2X1.6
17556000 DN42 42 38.2 6 042X1.9
2015556002 DN50 50.6 46.4 6 050.6X2.1,both ends bead rolled
2019666002 DN65 63.5 58.9 6 063.5X2.3,both ends bead rolled
2019886002 DN80 88.9 83.7 6 088.9X2.6,both ends bead rolled
2015996002 DN100 100.2 94.7 6 0100.2X2.6,both ends bead rolled
16CC6002 DN125 133 127.5 6 0133X2.75,both ends bead rolled
16CC6002 DN125 133 127.5 6 0133X2.75,both ends bead rolled
2015AA6002 DN148 148.2 142.2 6 0148.2X3,both ends bead rolled
2015BB6002 DN200 205 198.6 6 0205X3.2,both ends bead rolled


  • Ambient temperature: -29°C + 80°C
  • Maximum Working Pressure:13bar
  • Vacuum: 0.013bar absolute pressure (compatible with all compressor oils)
  • Suitable for outdoor installation: FST Pipe series are fire-resistant (in line with UL-90-VO Standard) seamless extruded aluminium pipe
  • GB/T4437.1-2015;
  • FST Pipe series obtained CE and TS certification

Reasons to choose TAPCO FST

Full Adaptable
Time Saving
Cost Saving
Easy Installation
Fast & Easy
Clean & Safe
10 Years Quality Assurance & Guarantee

*Terms apply. Please contact Tapco for details.